Message from Principal


Minako Ahearn Principal

Minako Ahearn, Principal
As each year goes by, I am so impressed by the determination and hard work of our teachers and staff. Our number one priority is to make every child successful in their own unique way. When the school started in 1990, we had one hour of English per day just like other Japanese schools around the world. SAINTS has evolved since then and is continuing to do so.  In 2004, SAINTS adopted a Two-way Immersion Method. That means our English teachers have to teach all core subjects in English. Now, our 6th grade students spend about 50% of their instructional time in English. 
Our Strength
What is unique about our teachers is that they understand each student’s strength and weakness so well because we are a small school. They individualize each student’s learning goals as our classes are differentiated by proficiency levels. The English Language Arts teachers usually have the same student twice, once in a lower grade and once in an upper grade.  This allows each teacher to monitor the students’ progress throughout their elementary years, and the teachers communicate to each other to maximize learning, differentiation, and assessment. One aspect of our education that we are dedicated to is teaching students how to write well. As the SAT and ACT include a writing section, and college professors lament the decline in writing skills among young Americans, we are dedicated to raise students who love to read and write. That means our teachers are tenacious in improving the writing skills of each student; the comparison between the 1st draft and the final draft of the writing samples are amazing. As we are an international school and we endeavor to raise global citizens who are peacemakers, our social studies curriculum contains international study focusing on geography and current events starting in the 3rd grade all the way to 6th grade. Our students’ knowledge, awareness, and compassion for people around the world often surprise and impress the adults. All of our English teachers are Georgia State licensed. They bring valuable years of teaching from previous experiences and work very hard to ensure quality education.  
High Achievements of our Students and Alumni
We are especially impressed by our American and bilingual students who work hard continuously throughout the school year and are remaining grade level or higher compared to their peers in local schools. Some Japanese students are continuously progressing and obtaining higher scores especially in the language arts subject areas. Our alumni’s achievement includes getting accepted by the most academically rigorous independent schools in Atlanta upon graduation of the 6th grade. After being admitted, they continue to excel by getting attention of the math and science teachers as well as English teachers because of their study skills, politeness, and high writing skills. Some are named AP scholars and their AP scores of 4 and 5 indicate that their academic achievements are recognized highly by the admission offices of the very best college and universities.   We are very proud of our students who graduate and get admission into some of the best private schools in Atlanta such as Westminster, Marist, Galloway, AIS, Woodward Academy, and Notre Dame. We invite you to come experience our two- way immersion program. Please call our school for more information and we will gladly assist you.