Annie Varghese


Head Teacher & K, 1 English Teacher, 4 English & Social Studies Teacher  

Since Annie was a little girl, her dream was to become a teacher. She comes from a family of educators, so it was very natural for her to be surrounded by strong educational values.  She’s always found it rewarding to be surrounded by people from different backgrounds and cultures as well. Her experience at The School for International Training where she’s received her Masters degree in teaching in ESOL has enabled her to teach with an open mind and to think “out of the box.” Her educational philosophy revolves around the whole child approach, which engages the educational, social, mental and emotional aspects of each child. Her previous experience includes teaching at The Chapel School in Bronxville, NY for 2 years before relocating to Atlanta in 2006. In her free time she enjoys traveling, cooking for friends, learning new recipes and spending as much time as possible with her  husband and son who is 5 years old. She also volunteers at church as the hospitality coordinator and organizes meals for families in need. She has  been teaching for  11 years now, and everyday is truly rewarding and challenging. 



FullSizeRender[1]We are learning about informational text. One key component is learning how to compare and contrast. We practiced this right on our table using the Venn Diagram. The kids loved it!


I have awesome fourth graders.  Here they are working in cooperative groups and putting together informational posters about the 13 colonies.


These first graders are so bright. Every Friday, they work with a partner. They were excited to practice studying their spelling words by writing them on their desks….don’t worry, they’re EXPO markers and come right off. :)


When they work as partners, one child is the “teacher” while the other child is the “learner.” They enjoy taking turns.


This is my opportunity to watch from afar how far these kids have come. They are incredible!