Alumni Updates

Updates from our Alumni


SAINTS graduates have successfully moved onto many different experiences after graduation. Here are a few updates.

Mika Tokutake

Graduated  SAINTS 2010


    After graduating SAINTS in 2010, Mika started to pursue music. Music was the one thing that wasn’t too different from American schools and was easier to transition than other curriculums. After joining band in middle school, it  would become a good portion of her  life when she decided to do marching band as well. It was something she  loved doing, and wanted to be someone who helped others in this activity. She became a drum major, or a field conductor, and to the band, it was like the teacher’s number one assistant. It was one of the hardest jobs. It taught her how to be a leader, and how to understand other people better. It also guided her towards what she wanted to do in life, and that was to continue with music, eventually becoming a music teacher.
Academically, she was great at sciences and math, but that’s because she had a knack for those subjects. Languages on the other hand were really difficult for her. It may have been because of her background with bilingual school, or it could’ve just been her being bad at English. SAINTS was really remarkable with making one diligent, but it was nice to have days where she didn’t have to do any homework for the evening. It was also really cool to move in out of nowhere and tell people she went to a bilingual private school. She will be attending Georgia State University as a music education major in the fall of 2016 .

Patricia Shin
Graduated SAINTS 2009


Since graduating from SAINTS, Patricia  attended Woodward Academy, where she was a part of the high school color guard for all 4 years of high school, varsity tennis team during freshman year, concertmaster of her school orchestra for  junior and senior year, and became involved in many volunteer programs, such as Horizons Atlanta at Woodward Academy and Overseas Youth English Teaching Volunteer Service Program in Taiwan with AID summer. Patricia now studies at Emory University, and pursuing a double major in chemistry and music performance. She is  also a member of the Emory University Symphony Orchestra. Patricia hopes to do pharmaceutical research in the future. In regards to transiting to American schools, SAINTS prepared her by having essential classes such as math, science, and social studies class, not only in Japanese, but also in English, even if that meant double the science, math, social studies classes in our elementary school years.