The teachers are determined to challenge each child individually using differentiated instruction and assessment. In our Language Arts classes, we strive to remain at grade level incorporating the Common Core Standards in our English classes and the Georgia Standards in our Social Studies classes. Due to our small class sizes, we are able to engage and work with each child on a personal level. We are able to target the areas that need to be challenged and the areas of weakness that need to be addressed. Beginning in the 3rd grade, we are also making it our goal to incorporate  current events into our classes. The teachers are teaching geography along with events that are taking place all around the world and enabling the students to be more culturally aware. We have found that our native students score very well if not higher compared to other students who take the ITBS in local schools. Our teachers are amazed at the status of our incoming ESL students. An eagerness to learn, along with parental support, our ESL students are able to grasp the objectives that are demonstrated in our classes. We provide ESOL pull out instruction at least 3 times a week for our new students. Within a year, or less, they graduate and integrate into the main English class. Students also have Science, Math, and Social Studies during the week. Our 6th graders also have a middle school prep course that is designed to expand their knowledge and skills to prepare them for middle school. We strive on teaching vocabulary and reading skills, which will enable the students to comprehend various concepts that will be valuable to them as they graduate and transfer to other schools.  Our teachers are determined to help every child achieve, maximize their potential and earn success not only while they are at SAINTS, but as they move onto enhance their education.